mesh bags for beach towel

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After steaming, you can go to the step of rubbing the bath. The master rubbed the towel back and forth on the body, not only rubbing the mud off the body, but also making the body better relaxed.

Many girls have the habit of washing their faces with towels hung in the bathroom for a long time. Do not know, hanging in the bathroom for a long time wet towels are conducive to the growth of a variety of microbes, with wet towels to wash the face is tantamount to the face, smearing all kinds of bacteria. Should directly use disposable facial towels, fast and sanitary, or directly with the hand gently pat dry, more hydrating and elastic.

1. Strengthen personal hygiene and personal protection, maintain hand hygiene, and encourage hand washing frequently, especially after coughing or sneezing, before eating or after contact with polluted environment; 2. Open windows regularly to keep ventilation; 3. Avoid going to “high-risk places” and densely populated public places as much as possible during the peak period; 4. Avoid sharing water cups, tableware, towels and other items with others. 5, pay attention to the law of life, ensure adequate sleep; 6, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables; 7, strengthen exercise, strengthen physique; 8, immune prevention. Vaccination is the main link to prevent the occurrence of all kinds of infectious diseases. 9, schools and kindergartens should do a good job in the morning and afternoon check every day, and effectively implement the absence, absenteeism registration and tracking system. Strengthen the disinfection of school classrooms, hospitals and other places, find suspected cases should promptly inform the parents of children to see a doctor in the regular hospital, if an outbreak occurs in the school, should take measures to suspend classes if necessary.

mesh bags for beach towel

With “on fire.” The cry for help sounded, and the drill officially kicked off in accordance with the plan. The whole exercise was carried out closely around the construction of the “four capabilities of fire control”. By simulating a fire in the ward of the main building, the medical staff in the ward quickly formed the first fire-fighting force to carry out the firefighting, and quickly evacuated to the safe area according to the evacuation route, covering the mouth and nose with wet towels. After receiving the fire alarm, according to the established procedures, full-time and part-time firefighters in the hospital quickly assembled to form the second fire-fighting force to join the fire-fighting battle. After arriving at the scene, the fire rescue brigade quickly laid water belts to carry out fire fighting and rescue.

Each child needs to be accompanied by a parent. Please wear sports clothes and shoes, and prepare towels or change of clothes and enough water for your child.

two。 Check the wall-mounted stove for leakage. After turning off the wall-mounted furnace, the temperature inside will suddenly drop, and all kinds of parts may be deformed because of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, and then cannot be completely closed. The water will leak. If there is a leak, remember to connect it with a container, or wrap it around with a towel. Inform professionals to find a solution.

mesh bags for beach towel

If there is only a taxi driver in the car, you can make do with it. If a passenger happens to be on board at this time, the passenger will feel that the temperature in the car is too high and may feel uncomfortable. Taxi drivers can think of ways to cool down, in addition to turning on the air conditioner to the maximum, the driver may also use towels, newspapers, sucker nets and other things to cover. In the hot weather, especially in the afternoon, the temperature is higher, and many drivers are likely to have heatstroke when they work on the road for a long time, so from a humane point of view, taxi drivers should be allowed to use some ways to block out the sun.

The bathroom can add a few more hardware, used to hang towels, clothes, receive shower supplies, in fact, is also very convenient, the most important thing is that the hardware is cheap.

Everyone should have had the towels they used the day before, and the next day they were half dry, half wet and smelled musty. The bathroom environment is relatively humid, coupled with wet weather, towels are not easy to dry, at this time, E. coli, Candida albicans and other bacteria will begin to ferment, as well as molds and mites. Intelligent towel rack drying and sterilization all-in-one machine, one step in place, easy to take care of family health.

mesh bags for beach towel

Put an end to dust and dead corners so that young children can live in a safe and hygienic environment. Such as: ensure adequate indoor ventilation time every day; clean every Monday, a small sweep every day; cups and towels are cleaned and disinfected every day; tables, chairs, toys, * * books are regularly disinfected and exposed; quilt mattresses are washed and exposed for half a month, and so on