the name implies, the handbag is the bag held

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According to the 109 precinct of the city police, there have been three burglaries in restaurants in the center of Flushing recently. When diners eat in a restaurant, they put their handbags and backpacks behind (behind the chairs) or do not watch them carefully. Thieves take advantage of their surprise and steal the bags quietly.

the name implies, the handbag is the bag held

Women are the most likely to pay, and the idea of looking for design inspiration from girls and hitting girls is generally not in vain. In recent years, the retro fashion trend of embroidery makes the cloth art more and more hot, and the street embroidery pattern classic clothing makes the cloth art classic follow the popular trend. From afar, beautiful girls are full of fashionable cloth art drags with exquisite embroidery patterns, making this kind of contemporary women create strong femininity in the fashion trend, while wallets, mobile phone shielding bags, and a variety of satchels, shoulder bags, handbags, this kind of exquisite cloth decoration is also popular with young women. Women are born with perseverance in the pursuit of beauty, so the editor suggests that for those who set up a business and open a shop, why not open a classic cloth shop, which will certainly have a bright future.

High fashion, high-end brands, not only a few clothes, bags, high prices, the story behind each brand, the origin of classic products, and the catwalk design integrated with the theme of each season, all reflect the spiritual heritage of a fashion empire. Understand these, and then take a look at those high-definition clothing, handbags, there is a different perspective, but also a little more social conversation.

Some beautiful bags are also very good gifts for wives, such as this A.Cloud K-case handbag, which is a book lock crocodile pattern style, the same style of Zhao Ruth, looking at a bag full of high-end feeling. This bag has several colors to choose from. It looks very beautiful.

the name implies, the handbag is the bag held

As the name implies, the handbag is the bag held in the hand, because the shape is similar to the envelope, known as the envelope bag, different styles are ever-changing, deeply loved by women, whether it is famous wind, with the wind or lovely wind handbag can be well controlled, it can be said to be a bag, the handbag in the hand to highlight personal temperament.

The shape of the body is a regular rectangle, flip design, clasp is a classic double Clogo, there is an open bag on the back, the shoulder chain can be freely switched between single-chain shoulder back and double-chain shoulder back or hand-held. Many people do not understand it because the elements on the bag are actually nothing special, whether the diamond grid or V-shaped grid is an ordinary grid, now it seems to be all over the street; double C buckle is also a simple positive and negative double C and is made of steel and gold-plated metal. Shoulder chains are made of chains and straps (it is said that they were made to save money at the time), but it is the combination of these common elements that makes the classics, even though many luxury brands have launched similar handbags that have failed to surpass the classics of CF.