happily, eat snacks and lunch es independently, wipe their

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Most children can come to kindergarten happily, eat snacks and lunches independently, wipe their faces with towels, wear and take off clothes and shoes and socks, wash their hands correctly, go to the toilet, eat and go to bed quietly. In terms of movement development, we have carried out activities such as following a walk, climbing on the knees of a runner in a specified direction, catching the ball and rolling the ball, walking the balance beam, bouncing the ball and so on.

On the morning of the 8th, an all-media reporter from Xiangtan Daily saw that in the production section of the “Central Kitchen,” the fresh ingredients were tested and entered the hot stir-frying zone, and then cooked by the chef, and the finished products were tested and transmitted to the separate packing room, and then the dishes were packed to the thermal insulation lunch box in turn by the sub-packing personnel on the assembly line. Throughout the production process, each nutritious lunch has to be tested eight times.

After having fun, another indispensable link is the outdoor lawn barbecue buffet lunch. The hotel executive chef and his food team set up several buffet tables on the garden lawn to cook a variety of Asian and Western cuisine on the spot. You can enjoy the outdoor dining on the picnic mat.

Arrive at the Dashi service area at 14:15 and stop for a rest and lunch. Fried ribs with potatoes and turnips in the morning, stewed with sand, balls and crispy meat, my white rice, his miscellaneous grain rice, put in a warm lunch box, still hot at noon, the taste is very good. As a matter of fact, there are restaurants in the service area, but I am happier to eat my own food outside, not to mention his love.

When the incubator for each meal is opened, the professionals of the Erqi District Market Supervision and Administration shall inspect, measure and keep samples to ensure the quality and temperature of the lunch, and then the staff will send it to the table of the students.

happily, eat snacks and lunch es independently, wipe their

People here have written about the meals they eat at home, so I can describe the meals I ate when I was studying at a typical Soviet school in Leningrad in the 1980s. All Soviet schools have special canteens for students to eat during the day, and almost no one knows about things like “lunchboxes” containing food packed by their parents.