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④, matching bag: choose a small bag that is similar to the color of the skirt to make your style more coordinated. If you want a more stylish feel, you can choose a popular handbag or shoulder bag to match.

as card bags and handbag s. If you are

Have you noticed what the clothes are missing? Yes, I lost a bag. As they are all dressed in mixed styles, it is difficult for many people to choose bags and do not know which style to choose. If you want to wear this kind of clothes, it is easy to choose a bag, just choose a white handbag.

The wife pulled out the bag from the handbag and could not help but open her mouth wide in surprise after confirming that it was correct. Her face seemed to blush on every happy occasion. She stretched out her hands to her husband and said in a trembling voice, “come on, help me up!”

The little sister has a gray handbag on her arm. The capacity of this bag is relatively large, and the color design is a variety of gray. At the same time, the gray handbag has its own sense of high-level. Carrying it out, I feel that my self-confidence has reached a level.

The 5-foot-10-foot Kendall upper body chose a more conservative style. Kendall used shorts with a navy blue wool pullover to expose the sleeves of her white shirt, and a pair of black exposed heels added a few inches to her impressive height. The Kardashian star put her necessities in a black BottegaVeneta woven handbag with a bunch of sunflowers under one arm and chose the same brand of earrings.

as card bags and handbag s. If you are

A beautiful accessory, can play the finishing touch effect, exquisite necklace earrings, bring to the whole reserved atmosphere is self-evident. Pearl is more suitable to match the classical accessories of cheongsam, and the other is jade bracelet, which is especially expensive. The bag paired with the cheongsam is not too large, which destroys the exquisite feeling of the cheongsam. The more exquisite Kun bag, the more popular small round bag this year, or the more exquisite retro handbag.

The mink coat she wears is still pure natural high-quality mink hair, and the price is at least ten thousand yuan. The bag in hand is more valuable, whether it is a platinum bag from a French luxury brand Mars, or a classic handbag, worth as much as 315000 yuan, which equals 310000 after removing the decimal point. Lin Qingxia and Liu Tao all like this bag very much.

On the back of the bag is also very fastidious, in general, the elderly can directly choose armpit bag or handbag. When you go out of the street, you can also emphasize the waistline by sloping, wearing a fashionable and playful effect.

Probably because of the nature of cartoons, the image of Tigress is much stronger than the cp of bags of this size, such as card bags and handbags. If you are hesitant about which to enter, it will be more cost-effective to start with small bags.