art. There are clothing and luggage brands in the Filson, its Filson230 solid materials,

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Suitable for novice minibus camping experience, there must be an oversized luggage bag. Sacai double tableware picnic basket, which integrates fashion and function, is the first choice for girls to take pictures and accommodate good things for travel.

Long fiber reinforced composite (LFT) is a new type of material obtained by compression molding by adding aryl fiber or boron fiber which is longer than 5mm in thermoplastic resin or modified thermoplastic resin. Because the internal reinforced fiber of the composite is long, it can form a three-dimensional grid structure in the resin matrix, which has a significant effect in improving the impact resistance and creep resistance of the material. as a result, the deformation of the automobile parts made of the composite is smaller and the mechanical properties are more stable. at present, it is mainly used in the manufacture of automobile door panels, instrument panels and luggage racks.

art. There are clothing and luggage brands in the Filson, its Filson230 solid materials,

The change from the traditional FR to the MR has greatly improved the overall counterweight of the new Corvette. In addition to the advantage of a low center of gravity, the driving seat is also closer to the front axle and just located in the center of gravity of the vehicle, thus improving handling performance. In addition, after the height of the hood is reduced, with a newly designed dashboard, the front view of drivers and passengers is also better. The mid-engine also means having two baggage spaces, with a total liter capacity, which can easily accommodate more luggage or two sets of golf clubs.

Baoniuniu is a website specializing in the wholesale of luggage and bags; it brings together thousands of strictly certified and screened online suppliers in Baigou, Hebei and Guangzhou, to provide e-commerce sellers and wholesale retailers all over the country with new sources of bags and bags in the Baigou Wholesale Market,

In order to meet the daily storage needs of drivers, C-HR is equally ingenious in the design of storage space. The center and bottom of the dashboard is equipped with a tray with USB port for storing smartphones and other devices, and the side panel of the luggage compartment has a covered locker that can hold a 9.5inch golf bag. The trunk of the new car has a capacity of 316 liters, more than enough to meet daily needs. If you put down the rear seat with foldable function, you can form a super-large capacity of 1112 liters.

The embracing cockpit contains strong lines and exquisite finishes, and the tilt of the new center console increases, showing a coherent visual experience with the dashboard and door panel. The luggage space is located behind the two chairs, which is integrated with the front row design.

art. There are clothing and luggage brands in the Filson, its Filson230 solid materials,

However, it is not about building an all-carbon fiber shell, because even cars that will go on sale this fall for more than $80,000 are still very expensive. BMW uses CFRP to strengthen some of the already strong metal / aluminum passenger transport units in key areas. The 15 CFRP reinforcements include the top of the windshield, the threshold, the transmission tunnel, the roof reinforcement tube from front to back and from left to right, the B-post between the front and rear doors, and the rear luggage rack. BMW believes that carbon fiber is one of the many technological advantages of its 7-series flagship sedan.

The entry-level G configuration version of the 28T model has added roof luggage rack and side azimuth blind zone early warning function, and eliminated the front seat Tilt and electric waist support. The GS version has added a head-up display, and the dashboard has been upgraded to the 8-inch LCD version of the previous top model, with not only liquid crystal temperature meters and oil gauges, but also richer information on driving computers. The canceled configuration includes the front seat Tilt, leg support and front and rear adjustable headrest. The top version of 28TFA has also added a head-up display, eliminating the functions of leg brackets and handwriting boards, and the bumper designed in the same color as the body has become the most obvious sign that distinguishes it from other models.

Like the legendary perfume cologne, Napoleon and Hepburn were fascinated by it. The citrus flavor and the classic bottle body make it a very practical work of art. There are clothing and luggage brands in the Filson, its Filson230 solid materials, excellent workmanship, classic style guarantee will not be out of date! In the automotive field, classic products also exist. After counting the star models in the car market, you will always have a product on the list, that is FAW Toyota Carola (parameter). As a classic car that has been around for 56 years, what are its brilliant achievements?

After looking at the design of the car, the steering wheel of the car has been changed into a special steering wheel for the competition, the front dashboard has also been modified, and the important data has become eye-catching. Then, the hand has been replaced, and the new handbrake has a very strong braking performance. The back seat of the car has been removed, and the space in the back seat looks very wide. This design can not only reduce the weight of the car body, but also load a lot of luggage, which is very convenient.

art. There are clothing and luggage brands in the Filson, its Filson230 solid materials,

In terms of interior decoration, ID.LIFE is a reliable partner for all kinds of digital experiences. For example, it can be converted into a cinema or game room in a very short time. The car is equipped with a game console and a projector, and the projection screen can be expanded from the dashboard when needed. In addition, other devices can be connected to the vehicle 230 V / 16 A power supply as needed. The conceptual design of the seat is also very flexible, which proves once again that the car can become a partner for all scenarios and lifestyles. The backs of both front and rear seats can be fully folded to achieve more layout possibilities: from cinema seats to nearly two-meter-long queen beds to freight versions that maximize the volume of the luggage compartment.

In the automotive industry, LFT is mainly used to make structural and semi-structural components, such as front-end modules, bumper girders, dashboard frames, battery brackets, spare tire compartments, seat frames, pedals and integral soles. Long fiber reinforced polypropylene is used in car hood, dashboard frame, battery bracket, seat frame, car front module, bumper, luggage rack, spare placenta, fender, fan blade, engine chassis, roof lining, etc. The long fiber reinforced PA is further extended into the hood because of its high hardness and low weight, and its high glass fiber content makes its thermal expansion coefficient almost the same as that of metal, which can withstand the high temperature caused by the engine.

The customs clearance method of levying postal tax on incoming luggage, articles and parcels, characteristics: articles purchased by individuals (reasonable for personal use), except for contraband that cannot be issued, can be cleared by postal clearance according to the postal tax rate, within 50 yuan of taxes and fees: 13% for books, newspapers, publications, computers, information technology products, food, beverages, gold and silver, furniture, toys, festivals or other entertainment items. Textiles and their manufactured products, bags and shoes, fishing supplies, TV cameras and other electrical appliances, toiletries, bicycles, sporting goods (excluding golf and golf sets), etc., 20%; cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol, precious jewelry and their jewelry, jade, golf clubs, high-end watches, etc. 50%.