gas production plant are wrapped with “electric blanket s” and put on

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Set up a special person to measure the temperature, record the temperature measurement in detail, and file it. At the same time, the temperature measurement personnel are responsible for checking the coverage and heat preservation, are familiar with the pouring time of concrete in various parts of the structure, and should strengthen the inspection of the cold blanket coverage in case of strong wind to prevent the cold blanket from blowing by the strong wind. notify the relevant personnel to take effective measures in time if you find something unusual.

The reporter learned from the Red Cross Society of China that 1000 relief family packages provided by the Red Cross Society of China to the Red Cross Society of Ukraine were shipped from Beijing on March 9. The family bag, which mainly includes blankets, moisture mats, towels, tableware, buckets and flashlights, will help the Ukrainian Red Cross to help displaced persons affected by the conflict. According to reports, the Red Cross Society of China will adhere to the seven basic principles of the Red Cross Movement, continue to pay attention to the development of the situation, focus on humanitarian needs, and continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the best of its ability. On March 7, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced at a press conference of the two sessions that the Red Cross Society of China will provide Ukraine with a batch of emergency humanitarian aid as soon as possible. (Beijing Evening News)

Beibei and Lily walked into the forest, looking at the scenery as they walked. Walking and watching, they arrived at their destination. Beibei was surprised and said, “Wow, how happy it is to have a picnic in such a beautiful place!” They opened the blankets, laid out the food, and enjoyed the delicious food.

In addition to its primary function as a shopping bag, this Ikea gem also serves as a versatile storage solution for various household items. Its spacious interior can accommodate everything from blankets and toys to books and clothes, helping declutter your living space while adding a touch of style with its vibrant blue hue. The sturdy handles allow you to transport heavier items with ease, bringing convenience to your everyday life.

Can be tailored according to the need for heat preservation parts, processing non-standard products. The detachable thermal insulation clothing which can work with the manhole three-way flange valve and other equipment is developed, which can completely avoid the above situation. It is easier to install and disassemble, can be used repeatedly and at low cost. The thermal insulation clothing is made of lightweight non-asbestos material and can also be used well in narrow areas. Whether it is manhole cutoff valve, ball valve, etc., detachable insulation clothing can be installed. Usually users provide manhole three-way flange valve name and model to order the corresponding thermal insulation clothing, special types need to provide detailed specifications or dimensions. Removable insulation sleeve cloth thickness-mm glass fiber blanket-mm high temperature wire according to temperature selection treatment.

2. Blanket: A cozy blanket will keep your newborn warm and content during their first moments in the outside world. Choose a soft and lightweight blanket for maximum comfort.

Do a good job in cold prevention and heat preservation of laying hens: close the doors and windows of laying hens, add door curtains, seal wet curtains with plastic films and other barriers to ensure the heat preservation effect of laying hens; block air leakage gaps and holes in laying hens, and strictly prevent the entry of “thief wind”; do a good job in the heating of the house during the brooding period, and immediately turn on the heating equipment such as electric heating and biomass boilers, so as to maintain the suitable environmental temperature in the nursery. At the same time, do a good job of egg warehouse heat preservation and egg product anti-freezing work, poultry egg products should be covered with blankets or quilts and other warm items to prevent the loss caused by eggshell cracking.

The temperature in Maowusu in November is getting colder and colder, but the work site of winter prevention and heat preservation of equipment in Sulige No.2 Natural Gas processing Plant of Changqing Oilfield is still hot, and cadres and staff are busy for the safety of the equipment. The pipelines, large and small equipment distributed vertically and horizontally in the natural gas production plant are wrapped with “electric blankets” and put on “winter clothes”, which is just a scene for this plant to carry out winter prevention and heat preservation.