Can pad comfortable and soft clothes or towel s, of course, do

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The strength used when patting the back: some parents are reluctant to work hard for fear of baby pain, always gently pat when patting the back, which does not play the role of vibrating the back and is not conducive to the discharge of sputum. Can pad comfortable and soft clothes or towels, of course, do not force too much, causing baby pain, appropriate force, the baby is more comfortable.

Additionally, functionality is key. Look for a bag that offers various organizing compartments to store not only makeup but also other gym essentials such as towels, water bottles, and extra clothing. Pockets designed specifically to protect fragile items, like glass cosmetic containers, are an added advantage. A bag that can conveniently hold all your necessary gym items will save you time and effort when preparing for workouts.

The little boy went to get the money when he was happy. Seeing this, the second uncle grabbed the little girl to cover his mouth, then found a towel, closed her mouth, hid her in the pickle jar in the house, and pressed on the big stone.

1. Children stand in line at an interval of 1 meter to wash their hands with the faucet and lead the class teacher. Give instructions on seven-step washing techniques and use your own towels after washing your hands. The teams are lined up to pick up meals, separated by more than 1 meter.

We need towels to wash our face and bath every day, but after a period of time, you will find that not only the color of the towel will change, but also it will smell bad and feel slippery. Many friends will choose a new towel, but this will be more wasteful.

Although the children are young, we always advocate that the children should participate in the class management and let the children manage themselves. Let children understand from an early age that “responsibility” is the key to doing things well. The attempt of “Let the children manage the area of responsibility” made me see the sense of responsibility and the potential of the children. In daily life, children will be involved in the management of hand washing, bowl delivery, towels and other work. Constantly cultivate the ability of children to participate in class management in practice.