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Located on the first floor of the hotel, covering an area of 950 square meters, the environment is comfortable and clean, providing one-stop service for swimming, fitness and yoga. Adhere to one customer one disinfection service, and provide towels, slippers, bottled water, etc., equipped with dry and wet steam room, you can enjoy a comfortable rest time.

With the change of fashion hotspots, slippers and sandals have become the most common types of shoes in summer. Once considered old-fashioned sandals with socks, they have also become a popular trend.

Household items category 5: daily necessities are the most commonly used things in life, including towels, soap, thermos, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, shower gel, washbasins, slippers, clothes hangers and so on. Daily necessities, household items, then these things provide a lot of help to our lives and make our lives better.

Unsafe water quality in gyms can lead to skin-borne diseases, such as abscesses caused by bacterial infections, which can be transmitted upon contact. Superficial skin fungal infection is also easy to spread through slippers, towels and other ways, such as tinea corporis, contagious erythema, contagious molluscum and so on. Unlike professional swimming pools, gyms relax their water requirements, and unclean pool water can also cause conjunctivitis, keratitis, trachoma and so on.

Since Ng Cheuk-Lin was admitted to the hospital, Ng has been followed by the media. In the camera, her image has always been like this: loose dark seven-cent pants + slippers + dark short-sleeved shirt + blue rivet bag. For the first picture, the difference lies in the color of the mask and coat.

Viral skin diseases are contagious, such as verruca plana, chicken pox and measles. Fungal dermatosis is also highly contagious, such as tinea pedis, tinea onychomycosis and tinea capitis. There are also skin infections such as herpes simplex and scabies. It can be transmitted directly to each other through clothing or physical contact, such as herpes, beriberi and verruca plana, and can be transmitted by wearing common slippers and foot basins. One of the men and women suffers from skin diseases, and personal items such as shoes, towels and bedding should be reserved for personal use and cannot be shared with others. At the same time, hygiene should be done, washed frequently and exposed or disinfected in the sun.

Now you can buy ready-made waiting bags, which have a full range of things. The items in the waiting bag include maternal supplies, such as slippers, breast-feeding underwear, breast-feeding pajamas and anti-overflow pads, as well as towels and washbasins. In addition, there are baby items in the waiting bag, such as baby towels, quilts and so on.

Although the toilet space is small, but all kinds of items accumulate up a lot, what cosmetics, washings, shower products, family slippers, towels and so on, so the toilet storage design is also very important. If the toilet is small, it is easy to look messy and disorganized, and it is not convenient to take it without saying that it is beautiful.

At 9: 00 a.m. on the 17th, at the site of the square cabin hospital, workers are carrying out construction in an orderly manner, and the basic facilities in the cabin are fully equipped. Beds, bedding, electric blankets, towels, toothbrushes, slippers and other daily necessities for patients are being placed one by one. All kinds of medical equipment and medicines are being delivered one after another, and medical personnel are getting familiar with the site.