the manufacture of car doors, luggage and other body panels, bumpers, engine covers, spokes

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Adhering to the Italian style, classic craftsmanship and wearing culture, Shachi is committed to providing successful people with high-quality high-end shoes and high-standard wearing services. at present, it has gradually developed into a brand integrating luggage, leather shoes, leather goods and other products. Shachi has set up nearly 1500 brand counters in the mainstream shopping malls in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other domestic first-and second-class cities, with footprints in major cities in China.

The luggage and handbag Wholesale Market in Guangzhou is located in the area of Ziyuangang in Sanyuanli, the famous Anti-British Hero Street at that time. This is another fashion wholesale market not inferior to the wholesale market for clothing and footwear. Including Baiyun World Leather Trade Center, China-Australia Leather City, China-Hong Kong Leather goods Trade City and Xinxing Leather City represented by Sanyuanli-Ziyuangang Leather Wholesale Market Group.

Not only that, the atmosphere lamp system of Tanyue X realizes the coverage of dozens of parts of interior decoration and exterior decoration. In terms of interior decoration, it uses up to 24 atmosphere lights, and users can adjust the brightness of interior atmosphere lights in dashboards, doors and other places through the MIB system. Among them, the dashboard and door trim atmosphere lamp 10 colors can be adjusted, according to different driving modes can automatically switch colors, and provide manual selection and closing function, the car atmosphere to create a free switch according to your mood. The instrument panel atmosphere lamp adopts horizontal curve design, which is full of flexible charm and full of sense of science and technology. Exterior decoration, including exterior rearview mirror floor lamp, side sign, door handle, roof luggage rack and so on are all equipped with atmosphere lamp system, which not only shows the grade, but also has a higher degree of recognition. Among them, the effect of lighting the roof luggage rack lights at night highlights the Coupe shape of Tanyue X, which has its own sense of ritual for travel, parking, getting on and off.

The utility model relates to a bag used for holding various kinds of food and maintaining the temperature and freshness of the food, which belongs to a kind of outdoor luggage. The function of ice pack: ice bag is a kind of bag with constant temperature effect, which can keep cold and cool (warm in winter and cool in summer). The product insulation layer is super thick insulated cotton, which provides good thermal insulation effect; the product can be folded and easy to carry, using heat fusion seamless bonding technology for a long time.

1. Gradually uncover the film and gently slide the zinc layer with a knife where it is not easy to deform to help uncover the film. The glue at the bottom must be removed. It will be easier to clean it by using some diesel or other chemicals. Car glass film is used on buses. A layer of thin film particles hung from the front and rear windshield, roof glass and luggage rack. This kind of film can reduce the damage caused by UVA reflection to the equipment and technicians in the car. It can reduce the concentration in the car through mechanical anti-skid, reduce the use of air conditioning in the car, and improve the economy.

Through stamping, bending, rolling, extrusion and other processes to change the structure and shape of aluminum alloy into deformed aluminum alloy, generally through the melting method to make ingots, and then undergo metal plastic deformation. Deformed aluminum alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of car doors, luggage and other body panels, bumpers, engine covers, spokes of wheels, hubcap, wheel outer cover, protective cover of brake assembly, muffler cover, anti-lock braking system, heat exchanger, body frame, seat, trunk floor and other structural parts as well as instrument panels and other decorative parts.

the manufacture of car doors, luggage and other body panels, bumpers, engine covers, spokes

With Dongguan as the core, the exhibition radiates textile shoe, luggage and bag industry clusters such as Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan and Jiangmen. 400 production enterprises are specially invited to bring new products on display. At that time, local industrial clusters in Guangdong, big brands, large traders and clothing and shoe-making enterprises from the surrounding South and Central China will come to the scene to visit and purchase.

In order to ensure the rapid landing of the industry and finance center after the launch ceremony, the industry and finance center brings together a number of domestic MCN institutions, such as Sichuan, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, as well as the top traders, operation teams and professional lecturers of e-commerce live broadcasting institutions, and directly enter into strategic cooperation with head webcast platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou to obtain valuable traffic support from the industry. In addition to the front-end training and incubation packaging, but also set up a sound and strong supply chain and logistics system, in addition to Suining local products, a collection of more than 300 international and domestic brands, including cosmetics, clothing, luggage, shoes, including more than 25000 SKU, to provide effective selection logistics support for webcast.

6. the interior and exterior decoration engineering design the automobile interior and exterior decoration includes the automobile exterior decoration and the interior decoration, because it is also called the body accessory equipment because it is installed on the body. The main design of exterior parts includes front and rear bumper, glass, door anti-collision decoration strip, intake grille, luggage rack, skylight, rearview mirror, door mechanism and accessories and sealing strip. The interior design mainly includes dashboard, steering wheel, seat, seat belt, airbag, carpet, sidewall interior decoration, sunshade panel, handrail, car rearview mirror and so on.

The main driver and passenger car of Red Rabbit are equipped with electric seats and provide heating function in the front row. In addition, there are independent air outlets and temperature zoning control in the back row, which gives the back row more comfortable enjoyment. After the rear seats are lowered proportionally, the trunk capacity can be expanded to 952L at most, making it very convenient to travel during holidays. In addition, the 2023 Harvard Red Rabbit has designed 26 storage spaces in the instrument panel area, door area, luggage area, etc., including mobile phones, wallets, glasses, snacks, cards and other items have a suitable place to fully maximize practicality.