spray is essential; paper towel s and sterilized wipes

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Towels are necessary for us to wipe our faces, but the towels in the hotel contain a lot of bacteria because many people have used them, and many towels are in the bathroom, which is not unfamiliar to everyone in a humid environment. The toilet will release a lot of bacteria, these bacteria are contaminated on towels or bath towels, we use towels with bacteria, there may be allergies Especially for girls, this kind of harm is very great.

After going out, girls will put lipstick in the bag. If the lipstick does not cover the lid, then there may be omissions, thus soiling the bag. At this time, you can look at the material of the bag. If it is leather, then wipe the wet paper towels clean. If the bag is made of cloth or plush, soak it with warm water and an appropriate amount of detergent or detergent for 3-4 hours, then wash the lipstick area with hands or brushes.

spray is essential; paper towel s and sterilized wipes

Good personal and environmental hygiene is important, including the following: teach children to pay attention to hand hygiene, especially before touching mouth and nose, before eating or handling food, such as toilet, after contact with herpes / respiratory secretions, wash hands with running water, hand sanitizer or soap; regularly clean and disinfect objects or surfaces that children often come into contact with, such as baby bottles, toys, furniture handles, etc. Avoid close contact with sick children, play, etc., parents should try their best to avoid taking their children to crowded places during the epidemic of HFMD; educate their children not to share water cups, towels and other personal belongings with others when they are in kindergarten or school; when there are symptoms such as fever and rash, they should take their children to a nearby hospital in time.

Hygiene and cleaning work is an important part of the daily work of nursing teachers, according to the “Shaanxi Provincial Nurse work Guide (revised)” to strictly achieve seven clean: floor, desktop, doors and windows, toy cabinets, water cup holder, towel rack, closet and so on.

spray is essential; paper towel s and sterilized wipes

Every student family must make a corresponding reserve of epidemic prevention materials, such as masks (suitable for about 30 days), mercury thermometer, towels (along with schoolbags), toilet paper, disinfectant, small handbags (for self-use towels), etc.

(1) clothes and sheets outside the balcony: the decoration on the balcony and the location of the items, after the death of the woman, the relevant personnel changed when they went in! As can be seen in the webcam video, on the day the woman died, three white towels, two reddish sheets and something similar to a vest hung on the balcony. Finally, after the relevant personnel went in, three white towels were missing.

spray is essential; paper towel s and sterilized wipes

Personal protective hygiene equipment is essential for a trip. When you go on a picnic, you must pay attention to sunscreen and prevent mosquito bites. Especially for partners in the south, anti-mosquito spray is essential; paper towels and sterilized wipes should also be prepared, and personal hygiene protection must be done well ~

3??. Can make use of the water solubility of formaldehyde, usually I will use wet towels to wipe furniture, or use steam mop to mop the floor, curtains and other cloth products can be cleaned and then exposed to the sun, these belong to the water to dissolve formaldehyde